"The Independent" reviews Rashi's directorial film, "The Secret Ingredient"

"The Secret Ingredient" premieres at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Feb 2nd, at Lobero Theatre.

Presley Pahl, film enthusiast and weekly blogger of everything cinema related talks to Rashi Bahri Chitnis, the director and Joe Palladino, the writer.

Screenwriters Association of Santa Barbara presents Gary Byrne, Ph.D and Lance Mason, D.D.S, authors of “Seven Paths to Poverty”at Borders Bookstore in Santa Barbara on Nov 11, 2010.


Rashi Bahri's film Sarah was a difficult to watch, but courageous piece of fiction that depicted a young woman tortured by nightmares of drowning, who decides to confront her fear. Click here for more.

Meet Rashi Bahri: Talk Show Host, Screenplay Writer, Producer, Director
October 10, 2008, mandytoomey

My interview with Rashi Bahri, a 2002-03 International Fellow, reminded me how important family support can be. Over the past two years, Rashi has written two screenplays: one Indian wedding film inspired by her own family and one supernatural thriller set in India and the United States. She attributes her success to the support of her family. "My family gets excited about my projects, and I don't want to let the family down. Their support and trust is my driving factor."
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